Project Management and Independent Verification

We are capable of supporting any client with the required resources and materials to perform required operations, duties, and obligations to complete the required scope. We are an independent, hands-on services, operations, engineering and inspection company with a heavy organisational focus on the requirements of the client.

Value Chain Technical Support

When we are appointed to project manage or independently verify a program, we always execute an initial  comprehensive “Planning” after which we aim to successfully transition into the Verification or Project Engineering phase. 

We use a detailed Data Gathering and engage the clientfor their experience of working in the field to ensure our project engineering or verification work will be structured to identify all key deliverables and operational requirements are met within the desired timescale

We believe in assurance checks on all aspects of the Project no matter how little. As part of the project engineering phase we normally provide all the relevant documentation including operational procedures and method statements. 

We are also able to take the lead and provide full support for HAZID and Risk Assessment report including HAZID presentation chairing, scribing, tracking all actions that may arise from the HAZID. All conclusions will be captured within the risk assessment report as required by the client.

Midstream, Downstream

Project Execution Plan

We can suppot clients in developing and managing a detailed Project Execution Plan (PEP) which will help define how the Project as defined within the work will be implemented from the Define stage, through the Execute stage to the handover of the completed project to Operations.

Project Work Pack

We can provide a project work-pack which will be a database for all relevant documents required for the project execution. The documents within the work pack will typically be as follows: Project Coordination Procedure(s) | Non Routine Inspection procedure(s) | 3rd Party procedure(s) | Tools specific method statement(s) | Risk Assessment(s) | Lifting Plan(s) | Drawings, P&IDs and associated document(s).

Project Execution

We can provide experienced engineers for clients representation to ensure maximum productivity is met and that all operations are carried out safely adhering to clients rules for safety and the procedures followed correctly.

Independent Verification

Our services includes: Independent verification services   Compliance review | Asset audits and baseline review | Asset efficiency review studies

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