Tank Farm, Refinery and Pipeline Maintenance

We are capable of supporting any client with the required resources and materials to perform required operations, duties, and obligations to complete the required scope. We are an independent, hands-on services, operations, engineering and inspection company with a heavy organisational focus on the requirements of the client.

Value Chain Technical Support

We have sound knowledge and experience regarding the midstream and downstream industry. 

We have provided engineering support to our current client base in areas of inspection, verification, operations and maintenance support such as PFD / P&ID support, technical integrity assessments (TIAs), ramp up support, analysing lifetime extension options, integrity assessment / comparisons, Fitness for Purpose & defect analysis, managing inspection programs in difficult systems and many more.

Midstream, Downstream

Tank Farms and Refineries 

Our services includes: Servicing, calibration, recertification testing and repair of tanks, vessels, valves, flow meters, handrails and working at height systems, strainers, gauges and transmitters | Vacuum box tests | Ultrasonic Thickness measurements on the tanks and the piping connections | CP inspection of buried pipes and tank sections | Magnetic Particle inspection (MPI) on the welded joints of the tank and the piping connections | Maintenance and commissioning of fire hydrant system | Radiography inspection| Pump House maintenance | Welding and sand blasting and painting (corrosion control) | Electrical and power system maintenance and commissioning | Activating and installation of automated tank gauging systems to monitor the products.

Tank Cleaning

We provide a wide range of Automated tank cleaning service, wih the use of compact state-of-the-art technology in advance tank cleaning of products, crude oil tanks and vessels.


Our services includes: FFP assessment and (independent) re-assessment | Pipeline service lifetime extension | Corrosion under insulation (CUI) | Project assurance and verification (independent) support | Pipeline validation | Pipeline operations

Cathodic Protection

Our services includes: CP potential survey to develop a profile of the CP system and identify all TRs and test points (TP) | Soil resistivity tests to establish the criteria to obtain adequate protection | Close interval potential (CIPS) survey | Redesign and upgrade of CP systems | Cathodic Protection Insulation Joint (I.J) change out | Potential / current monitoring | CP system with solar energy bank

Relevant Projects

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