Marine Solutions - Mooring, Bollards, Fixings Fenders and Buffers

We are capable of supporting any client with the required resources and materials to perform required operations, duties, and obligations to complete the required scope. We are an independent, hands-on services, operations, engineering and inspection company with a heavy organisational focus on the requirements of the client.

Value Chain Technical Support

We rely on the support of our team and our Technical Partner - Dockguard for the delivery of marine services in Nigeria. 

DockGuard is a global provider of marine fender technology and mooring solutions with more than 40 years experience serving the global marine industry. We have a 'can do, will do' approach and exceptional flexibility. This has earned us a reputation for delivering competitive products to the most demanding specifications - solutions that respond to the most challenging environments and tightest budgets.

O & M

Conceptual Design

DockGuard has unrivalled technical and engineering expertise in mooring solutions. Our consultancy services have provided advice to all types of marine clients, from Port Managers to Maritime Consultants and Contractors.

Marine Consulting

Dockguard Limited has the technical ability to offer advice and services to its clients ranging from Port Management to Consultants to Contractors. It has a team of structural engineers which can offer with its state of the art 3D graphic Cam/Cad engineering package, can provide a graphical representation of any new structure that may be proposed by the Port Authorities. We have applied for BS5950 rule and can offer personnel to operate in a Port Authority or Consultants office for any period of time to design a solution for any or all marine applications

Mooring Bollards

Bollards are available for all types of marina, dock, harbour or port applications and in a wide range of sizes, designs and materials, including: Cast iron (choice of grades) | Cast steel (choice of grades) | Stainless steel | Pre-fabricated | Wide choice of paint finishes and colours Low friction resin coatings

Fixings and Anchors

DockGuard provides a full range of fixings including chains, shackles, bolts and other accessories – all of which are tested and approved to specific nominal breaking loads. Fixings are always matched specifically to respond to the deflection, shearing and mooring forces expected in a specific fender or mooring application.

Our offers are:  Cast Anchor | Resin Anchor | Chain | Chain Adjuster | Shackles | Shock Absorber

Steel Fabrications

Our services includes: Full structural design | Coded welders | On site Installation | On or off site fabrication

Marine Fenders

Different manufacturing requirements demand different characteristics from rubber and rubber compounds and our experience enables us to ensure the right materials are selected to ensure perfect product quality and durability for every application – balancing materials quality with cost-effectiveness to exactly meet the customers cost and quality requirements.

Relevant Projects

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