Engineering, Design and Decommissioning

We are capable of supporting any client with the required resources and materials to perform required operations, duties, and obligations to complete the required scope. We are an independent, hands-on services, operations, engineering and inspection company with a heavy organisational focus on the requirements of the client.

Value Chain Technical Support

We bring a strong focus on matching expectations for greenfields with late field life operations, combining the strength of our vast pool of engineering, design and decommissioning  knowledge and experience with flexibility and nimbleness to deliver scalable services to our wide customer base.

We have proven track record in the prompt delivery of engineering orders and simple and complex modifications through support of other contractors and operators. Key elements that we bring to the Engineering Services contract are: 

Our unique approach and out of the box thinking allows us to categorise work against complexity, cost and risk, ensuring engineering effort and deliverables are optimized for the scale of the work

We offer TRUE value engineering, where we put the right controls and extensive experiences in place to enhance engineering delivery mechanisms and assurance

We offer standardised templates, repeatable design, procedures and processes with the right level of required engineering scrutiny to ensure cost and effort is minimised by only focusing on unique elements of the work.

We aim to respond to repair orders and engineering requests within the shortest time frame. Therefore, offering a ‘fit for purpose' low cost solution

Midstream, Downstream

Discipline Engineering

Critical design and material selection for systems is paramount to ensure uninterrupted operability and to support this requirement, Our personnel are technical expertise with practical knowledge in the fields of materials selection, corrosion engineering, process dynamics, flow assurance, instrumentation and controls, electrical engineering, welding/ fabrication, metallurgy, coatings technology and CP design.

Software and Documentation

Depending on the current system being used, we are able to support clients through license, purchase or rent of the below software as required.

We also provide documentation services for development of “as-built documentation and drawings..  

Appraise, Select and Define Support

Our services includes: Conceptual Studies | Site verification studies | Evaluation of alternative concepts and solutions | Calculations | Preliminary project execution planning | Order of magnitude cost and schedule estimating

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

We can support clients by providing Finite Element (FE) for most engineering applications, including structural, mechanical and piping, using traditional software, solid modelling or advanced non-linear analysis

Valve Engineering, Operations, Integrity and Maintenance

VIMS®, provides a valve integrity and maintenance management platform that uses operational and inspection activities e.g. as maintenance, incidents, IVBs and tests to ensure that valves and their components are suitable for their intended application throughout the lifecycle.

Process and Flow Assurance

We can support clients in the evaluation of all aspects of flow assurance and pipe efficiency including slugging, thermal transients and operational strategy development. Our personnel have considerable and extensive experience in process engineering, including leading and performing conceptual and feasibility studies, process integration, flow assurance, de-bottlenecking existing process systems and process simulation.

Piping and Pipeline

We have sound knowledge and experience regarding piping and pipeline engineering and support. We have provided engineering support to our current client base. We engaged with pipeline design, engineering, drawing and support programs such as PFD / P&ID support, Technical integrity assessments (TIAs), Analysing lifetime extension options, integrity assessment / comparisons, Fitness for Purpose & defect analysis, managing pipeline inspection programs in difficult to pig pipeline systems and many more.

Relevant Projects

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