Gel Pigs, Pipeline Gels and Chemical

We are capable of supporting any client with the required resources and materials to perform required operations, duties, and obligations to complete the required scope. We are an independent, hands-on services, operations, engineering and inspection company with a heavy organisational focus on the requirements of the client.

Value Chain Technical Support

We rely on the support of our team and our Technical Partner - SANCCUS for the delivery of marine services in Nigeria. 

With an approach of providing customers with innovative chemicals and first class technical supports at highly competitive prices. We specialise in the design and manufacturing of Gel Pigs, Pipeline Gels and chemical cleaning products. We also have an extensive range of downhole chemical additives for oilwell cementing and stimulation. Backed up by our deep practical knowledge and experience of the applications around the world, all of our products can be tailored to clients’ specific requirements. We are fully certified to the latest ISO 9001:2015 (FS 650346). Operator safety and environmental considerations are paramount which is why SANCCUS always formulate products which are as safe to use as possible even in the most extreme locations.

PIPELINES - Low Risk High Return Solutions

Used alone or in combined with a SANCCUS chemical package our Pipeline Gel and Gel Pig technology gives the operator a very powerful tool in their flow assurance arsenal. Gel technology is very versatile and can be applied anytime during the lifetime of a field from helping to remove hydrotest fluids when commissioning to the bulk removal of hydrocarbons and solids prior to maintenance or when preparing a pipeline for responsible decommissioning.

Our support are in areas of: Unpiggable | Debris Removal | Degassing | Cleaning | Dewatering | Deoiling | Spool Protection | Blockage Detection | Lubrication | Rescue 

DECOMMISSIONING - Cost Effective Decom Solutions

The combined drivers of economics, environment and technical difficulty makes the use of SANCCUS pipeline gel, gel pigging and cleaning technology a vital set of tools for any operators to safely and successfully remove their asset. No two decommissioning projects are ever quite the same so there is no template solution. SANCCUS excel at offering bespoke chemical solutions to solve these challenges.

Our support are in areas of: Unpiggable | Deoiling | Debris Removal | Degassing | Cleaning

CLEANING - Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene

Bollards are available for all types of marina, dock, harbour or port applications and in a wide range of sizes, designs and materials, including: Cast iron (choice of grades) | Cast steel (choice of grades) | Stainless steel | Pre-fabricated | Wide choice of paint finishes and colours Low friction resin coatings

Our support are in areas of: Dewaxing & Degreasing | Descaling | Pickling & Passivation | Fouling Removal | Surface Protection

CEMENTING - Be Predictable in Extreme Conditions

Cements have to withstand an incredible array of extreme conditions from permafrost zones where the ground temperature is always below zero through to thermal recovery or geothermal wells where temperatures soar to as much as 350°C Cements also have to contend with issues such as weak formations, lost circulation, corrosive formation fluids and gas migration to name but a few. How can simple Portland cement manage such extremes? The answer is the additives. We have designed a comprehensive range of powder and liquid additives which can be applied from the simplest to the most extreme well conditions. Our additives were designed in conjunction with each other and so you are assured of product compatibility.

STIMULATION - Enhancing Production of Mature Well

All wells are at peak production on day one after which production of oil decreases and water production increases as the equilibrium changes over time. This makes the well less and less profitable. SANCCUS have a full catalogue of additives from matrix acidizing to fracturing gel treatments.

SERVICES - Precise, Repeatable & Traceable

Our state of art cement testing laboratory and blending facility will ensure the accuracy of your test results and consistency of your products. We are fully certified to the latest ISO 9001:2015. SANCCUS can design, manufacture, quality control and supply an additive for you from your initial idea to your customer’s yard. We will label to your own specifications then will either load the product onto your truck or we can arrange the logistics and transport your order to any port or airport in the world.

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